Backstage Aps

Senior Data Engineer Consultant

for a young aspiring company in growth

We’re looking for a passionate Senior Consultant for Backstage, with the skillset to serve a world-class cocktail mixing both data and business.

As a consultant at Backstage, you will find yourself responsible for delivering cloud-powered data analytics to their customers. You will work in smaller teams consisting of both colleagues and customers where problem solving is as common as lunch at 11.30. Together you’ll drive the data-driven agenda!

You take responsibility for building data analysis platforms. You excel in the backend development and enjoys being the front runner of new technology. You navigate the services and tools that Azure provides within analysis and have a very good knowledge of data architecture, modeling, and integrations. You’ll work in agile sprints as you build data solutions and your week will be a combination of defining scope, coding, attending technical workshops etc. You’ll work partly at the Backstage office and partly at the customers site, being part of a team effort at both places.


You know your way around

• Azure infrastructure
• Knowledge with CI/CD
• Speaking languages such as SQL or Python
• Preferable knowledge in Datalake, Datafactory, Databricks, Synapse, API’s, Databases, DevOps
• Thinking reusability when coding


About you

• +3 years working with data and analytics
• Always curious about the newest technology and eager to learn and adapt to new working styles / frameworks
• Can plan ahead and handle unforeseen obstacles with a calm attitude
• Easy to work with and always ready with a smile
• Eager to be part of the culture and the business development in a growing startup
• Master’s degree or similar in a relevant field


About Backstage

Backstage is a young aspiring consultancy in growth within the data industry, delivering state-of-the-art data solutions to their ambitious customers. In doing so, only the most appropriate and newest technology is utilized. Their culture empowers the growth of all employees both professionally and personally – hobbies and spare time is as respected as the work delivered and they heavily invest into development and learning with dedicated calendar time for creativity.


For more information on this position, please contact TalentPeople A/S at +45 7020 4011 – or send us your CV at